Book Review - Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less

by - March 03, 2016

This is my first book review, so in case you've read the book, leave down comments stating any suggestions. This book--Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less by Jeffrey Archer--is my cousin's and her father had given it to her. I took it one day when I'd been to Pune and was browsing through her collection. I took it because I'd read somewhere that the book is a must-read.

Initially, I'd found the plot to be too boring, or rather, too much into shares and other stock market related jargon. Thankfully, I'd studied about the stock market in my TYBMM days, so I did not stumble anywhere.
This book is perfect for those who have a liking towards fast-moving stories. Trust me, when you read it, you feel like you're watching a movie; it is that fast.

Everything is explained in details; and all those minor characters, that are 'minor' in literal terms are not explained in depth, which I appreciated. Some writers go deep in explaining even the minor characters who will not be a part of the story, some 50 pages later.

I liked how each character in the book is different from each other. You feel like the characters should become real, so that you get to see them. If you get this feeling after reading any book, the writer should smile as the characters he's written have done their jobs.

I am not going to write about the story here; you can get the whole idea on the web.

Overall, do give it a read, and I promise you the climax will leave you surprised!

Have you read this book?

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