Office Desk Essentials

by - August 23, 2015

 I had promised you on my Twitter and Facebook accounts that I'd be sharing an office related post soon. So here's it. I have compiled few essentials.

Inspirational Quotes | I love my office. The notice board behind the computers are decorated with inspirational quotes, sayings, pictures, notes, etc.; it's fun to peep around. Carry such quotes that would inspire you to work hard. You can also pin photographs here (in case you live away from family, or your better half lives away from you). The best way to get quotes is to search them online and print.

Hand Sanitizer | You can carry it in your utility pouch or keep one on your desk. You don't know how dirty your hands are, so it is better to sanitize them with a hand gel or wash them with water.

Novel | When the computer is installing a software or is down due to some virus, then you can definitely read a novel. Last Friday, I was waiting for my supervisor to check the work I had done. As she was busy in her work, I had to wait. Meanwhile, I read few pages of Jane Eyre.

Tray/Bucket/Bowl | Keep inside almost all the little items. I have used my Pink Mud bucket, and have kept u-pins, eraser, binder clips, visiting cards, pen, pencils, and stick notes.

Stick Notes | These are your best friend when you want to get reminded about something. At my office, Mondays are report days, and so on a cute stick note, I have written "Mondays = Reports!"

Notice Board Pins | If you have a notice board behind your computer, make sure you ask for pins, or bring yours.

Eraser | If there's a pencil, an eraser is needed too.

U-pins | If you have lot of paper work, I'm sure you would require u-pins.

Sweatshirt | Offices are like the coldest place. If that's the case with yours too, keep a sweatshirt in one of the drawers/compartments of your desk. Make sure you keep a professional looking one.

Mug | I haven't kept a mug, but many people in my office do. It's any time better to drink coffee/green tea from ceramic mugs than from those paper glasses.

Lipstick | If you have overly outgoing colleagues, you would need some touch-up. Keep necessities like a pink lipstick, kajal, and compact powder for a backup. You never know when you're going for a party!

Pouch | Keep sanitary pad, pen drive, USB cord and other expensive stuff in a makeup pouch. Make sure to keep it inside a lock or in the far end of the drawer/compartment.

Hair Elastic | Keep away your bangs while working.

USB Cord | In case you don't have a computer for yourself, then keep a charger there. But if you have a computer, keep a USB cord, and connect to the CPU.

Spoon | Keep a plastic spoon, just in case.

Nutri Bars | Avoid spending on canteen. Instead, save your hard earned money by chewing on these bars.

Sanitary Pad | You never know...

Pen Drive | You will always require it to transfer files or carry files to the place where you want to print any important document. If there's no online drive/cloud services available, you'll need a PD.

Pills | In between all the stress, your head will literally start banging. A headache pill would surely help you. Also, if your chums start and there's a bad stomachache, you can take your period pill.

Earphones/Headphones | If your work involves listening to sound/music, this is must.

Tissues | If you are having your lunch at your desk that day, then you can use these tissues to temporarily clean your hands.

Pen Stand | You know why.

Pens, Pencil | Keep the best of them for a fun time at office.

Notebook |
I have kept a cute pink coloured notebook for taking down notes.

What are your office desk essentials? x

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