Nail Polish Hack

by - August 21, 2015

I have one amazing trick for having super nice nails all the time. I am not a frequent nail polish applier, so I'll try if this whole trick works.

During my graduation, there was a girl who had perfect nails every single day. Either she used to take the whole polish off and have bare nails, or perfectly manicured ones. I was amused by the frequency of colours she changed. She was an athlete, so I wondered how she got time. Therefore, I just asked her the secret behind getting time to change the colours. That's when she told me she changed the colour every week. She painted her nails on Saturdays or Sundays.

As I am a super busy person now, I only would get Saturdays and/or Sundays to do any of such things. So I will reapply polish every weekend.

And the hack? Well, carry the polish that's on your nails, at that time, wherever you go; that is, keep it in your utility pouch. Whenever you feel like your nails are chipping, just apply a slight amount of polish to that area. Be careful of not putting coats, or else the polish will come off sooner.

As of now, there's a pink polish on my nails; so I have kept that bottle in my utility pouch. Now I don't fear the chipping, as I know I have the backup with me.

I hope this hack was useful enough.

Goodnight. x

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