Pouch for School Souvenirs - #FriendshipWeek

by - August 07, 2015

Hey there! Remember this cute pouch that was inside my secret box? Well, it's no longer in it. I keep it out, hanging on one of the hooks in my closet.
As we learnt the meaning of true friendship in our school days, I thought this would be a perfect post to end the #FriendshipWeek tag on TPCG. 

 I've collected school-time memories in this pouch. This pouch was gifted to me by my junior college best friends on my birthday. I simply adore it.

This pouch has a cute little bear like looking face on one side.

And this pretty bow on the other.

It has gems on its border.

Whereas, confetti on the net.

 I remember these two things, in particular. The headless doll was a key-chain in reality. It was my best friend, Karthika's. She had attached it to her orange coloured Minnie Mouse pencil-pouch.

And The Six Charms? We had a group of best friends, and we called us The Six Charms. My name was 'Clara' in that fictitious group. We had contributed and purchased a diary, in which we vowed to keep our secrets. However, I'm using that diary as a notebook now. That diary had a lock as well. We felt like it was magical.

There are many notes in the pouch, along with these two things. All the conversation with best friends, the fights, the 'I hope you get a better friend someday' and 'this is the last time you're hearing from me' notes, and all the drama...oh my God! It's very entertaining.

If you have tons of such memories, store them in such pouches. They're cute and available in all the gift and stationary stores.

 Goodbye! Thanks for being my friend!

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