Pink Mud Bucket Review

by - August 17, 2015

Hey there! I had ordered a Pink Mud Bucket, and got it delivered the next day! This was the fastest delivery. Even delivers in one day usually.

I bought this bucket for Rs. 1000. I calculated and thought that 1000 was a good deal.

Anyway, here are the contents inside the bucket:
  1. Bag
  2. Bucket
  3. Tipsy Eau De Toilette
  4. Black Pops
  5. Purple Pops
  6. Lacey Body Mist
  7. Notebook
  8. Visiting Card

Though the bag is pretty, it was damaged when it got delivered.

It came in a pretty pack, so it is a great option for gifting someone.

I loved this cute bucket. I'm gonna keep it on my desk in my office to store supplies and other necessities.

The height of it is 11cm.

And the breadth is 17cm.

How cute is the pink gift wrap?

I loved this book, and I'm thinking of keeping this in my office.
The length of the book is 22cm.

On the backside, they have their logo printed, which makes this book even cooler.

The breadth of the book is 15cm.

I seriously agree what this quote says. As I have a super-sharp smelling ability, odours are totally turn-offs for me. I can relate to this quote.

The book has basic single lines.

Next is the Pops. In one 'black' packet, there came black and purple coloured pops. I liked the cute packaging and the fragrance, however, these pops leak terribly. Already there's just 20ml of perfume inside each, and it is already leaking. God knows how much I would get to use in the end.

The length of the pops is 9cm.

Here are those two pops. They have Fresh and Woody fragrance, which is anytime better than fruity or floral, I feel.

Next is the Tipsy Eau De Toilette. It has a Cranberry fragrance.

It is 50ml. More than anything, I love the look of this. Black and pink! TPCG's theme.

The bottle is 12.5cm long.

Lastly, it is the Lacey Body Mist. Aqua is its fragrance. I always wanted a body mist of aqua fragrance, and I'm happy about this new one.

The drawback is, the smell faded away today, in spite of not doing any physical hard work or sweating. I was comfortably sitting in my AC office, and when I removed the sweatshirt, the perfume was gone.

Its length is 14cm.

And the breadth is 6cm.

Overall, I would definitely recommend you to buy this bucket. They give you options to choose. Also, you can ask them for the fragrance they have. They will reply you quite early, and COD is available too.

Lots of love.

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