The Scarf Trick

by - August 25, 2015

This post is exclusive for those girls who are planning to smoothen/straighten their hair or are in those sad three days post the treatment. Today is my third day, counting the treatment day. That means, tomorrow I'm gonna wash my hair, and my happiness has no bounds.
There are many reasons why I'm happy- 1. I hate oily hair. 2. I will experience smoothened hair for real after the first wash. 3. Washing hair makes me happy. 4. I'm too irritated to not touch or play with my hair.

So, the fourth one--I'm too irritated to not touch or play with my hair. If you're new in this whole smoothening world, let me tell you that there are numerous things that we can't do in the three dreadful days after doing these treatments. Life becomes a living hell, and more than that, the face becomes an oil factory. You can't wash your face, so you need wet tissues. In this disgusting phase of life, you need some measure to hold those annoying tresses back; and that measure is the scarf.

Finally after smoothening thrice already, I realize this little trick during the fourth time of this treatment. Yes, you read it right. Over six years, I have smoothened my hair four times. At last I got a hack for holding back the strands without using hairbands, clips, elastic, pins, etc., as they're not allowed.

Today, for a change it was a rainy day. It meant my hair could get damaged easily. To get rid of that, I tied my head with a scarf. The scarf was tied lightly, but the knot was tight enough. Though this look was funny, I had an appropriate reason.

Even you can put a scarf around your hair to prevent them from flying, getting wet, or coming on your face.

How do you survive those three days post treatment?

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