Four Steps for Better Hair

by - August 24, 2015

There are just four steps for good hair. These steps are so simple and easy, but we often ignore them. If you follow them religiously, you'll have better hair, I promise.

I've smoothened my hair again, and it is high time I start taking its care. I thought and jotted down these simple steps that are gonna give me gorgeous mane:

Combing Everyday
I'm sure you might be combing your hair before going out, but what about before hitting the bed? Before you sleep, comb down your hair, put it in a braid, ponytail, or a bun, seeing that it is comfortable, and only then sleep. I leave my hair open as they're pretty short, but this just means I'm inviting damage to my hair. This is the first step to knot free, and well maintained hair. Also, don't comb it that frequently.

Oiling Before Shampoo
Oh, God I haven't oiled my hair in months. Finally, yesterday, before going for smoothening, I had oiled my hair. I took a hair wash; and trust me, my hair were so smooth. After reaching the salon, I was looking at my hair and was thinking if it was the right thing I was doing by smoothening my hair, as they looked so good.
Oil has too much power in it. I've been stressing on this since long time. Apply oil a night before the hair wash, or an hour before, if you decide to wash it suddenly.

Using Shampoo Sparingly
I've come across so many girls that shower every alternate day, or even every day. Please don't be one of them. Washing your hair every day is gonna make your hair look good, but after passage of some time, you are going to have hair fall, dandruff, grey, thin, and damaged hair. Too much shampooing is not good for hair and the scalp. Use shampoo once every three days, if you live in a humid area. Otherwise, twice a week is just perfect. Remember how during school days you just washed your hair on Sundays? Stick to that if you still have better hair.

Using Conditioner
Though many experts say that conditioner greys your hair, one cannot ignore the fact that they smoothen and improve the health of the hair too. Conditioners have moisture content, which is definitely good for the texture and health.

So girls, if you follow these four simple steps, you are sure to have a good mane throughout. x

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