Independence Day Outfit

by - August 15, 2015

Hey! Today was a working day, in spite of it being an Independence Day. As I am working in ET Now (an Indian news channel), I obviously was needed there to put PM's speech, rallies, and more (though not really). For that, I had worn almost a similar outfit. I've compiled all the pieces I'd worn. Though the brands were different, you would definitely get an idea about the outfit.

In case you want to buy any of the following, click on the respective images.

Orange Handbag


White Shirt/Tunic


Dark Blue Jeans


 Orange Nail Polish


Silver Watch


Green Flats


Red Lipstick 

You can perhaps change the colour of the bag to green and the colour of the shoes. I did not have orange colored shoes, so wore the green ones. Also, my green bag is smaller, and did not have the capacity to hold my Pulao-stuffed tiffin. So had to go with the orange one.

Do share me your Independence Day outfits on any of my social media platforms.

Happy Independence Day! Jai Hind!

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