August 2015 Favourites

by - August 31, 2015

Finally after two days, I could write a post. I was at Pune and so I couldn't write. Anyway, here are my favourites:

Cousins' Meet
Whenever I meet my cousins, I am the happiest chap around. I love my cousins a lot and they form a great part of my life. This Raksha Bandhan, I had been to Pune to celebrate it with them. Luckily, I had a holiday at office and college. Though 3/4th of the day was spent working from Pune, I was happy to have such a warm company of my cousins. We celebrated the day in the evening and then went to Papa John's for dinner. We slept at my Pune's house and gosh! It's the best thing, truly!

I am madly in love with my office. I just love the way I go there after my college, sit and work, sip coffee sometimes, or gulp down green tea--everything I do at office makes me happier. Right from the work, to the cool atmosphere--simply everything!
I am happy with the way life is going on currently. Irrespective of how less of a time I have now. I get only weekends to enjoy, that too, Saturday we have two lectures. So, half the Saturday goes wasted. Still I am happy that I am loving everything about my life right now.

With the increasing confidence, I was quite sure of making it through Koovs's Students Program (KGTC). But when the results were out, and I was selected along with other 200 people, it gave me more confidence. There is a sea of fashionistas out there, and even then, they chose me. I am beyond happy and proud of myself.
Printables are my personal favourites. I designed four printables this month: Assignments Aqua Blue, Assignments Pink Vintage, Assignments Pink Fashion, and September 2015 Layout

Pune Relaxation
I cannot deny that it was too tiresome to go to Pune on Saturday in the early morning, and come back on Sunday in the evening. But apart from that, whatever time I got, it was definitely relaxing.
Meaning of Weekends Understood
All my life I tried to figure out why the young working population always relished the 'weekends'. Now I clearly know that weekends are the most important and highly needed breaks one can ever ask for. Though I enjoy working, I look forward to weekends for meeting my friends and relaxing at home.

Smoothened Hair
I smoothened my hair and they're so very better now.
Office Desk
One of the reasons why I love my office is my desk. It's still under construction and prettier things are to be added, but regardless of that, my desk keeps me happy. I feel happy to be sitting there and it feels like home. I always yearn to go back to my desk and start working. I don't mind eating lunch there as well.

The Energy in Me
This is beyond guesses and has left me totally surprised! It is unbelievable that I have so much of energy left in me even after constantly working from morning 5:30 (college) to night 9:00 (work and home). After coming home, I still manage to write my blog. Another surprising thing is that I am not cranky by the end of the day too. I smile at strangers in the train, I hum and walk, I have a pleasant face throughout. I don't know how come I have so much energy left, but I am way too glad that I have it.

Different Nail Polish Shades
This month, I had applied dark orange, light pink, lavender (currently on nails), and purchased a lighter nude shade. It's crazy how these shades look on me.

Pink Mud Bucket
I loved it but I hate the company. I had posted such a long and detailed review about it, but these guys did not regram my image on Instagram. I guess they are biased and regram photos of only those accounts that have more number of followers. I found this totally unfair and I wouldn't write anything about this company henceforth.

Utility Pouch
My pouch is my best friend as it holds so many things. I currently use a Fab Bag zebra printed pouch. I carry it everyday.
Nail Polish Hack
You already know this hack!
My outfits lately have been really nice. I'm sorry to boast, but that's the truth. My nails definitely add to my confidence.

Photoshop Hack
If you have observed, all the images on TPCG have been whiter and more professional looking than earlier. All thanks to the new trick I have learnt!
Good-Looking People
I have met some women so beautiful, stylish, and confident that they really become my inspiration. I have come across many such women (thanks to Koovs, Zoom, and my college). I sometimes get mesmerized by their attitude or the way they carry themselves.
Dragon Ball Z
This month, I have watched over a 100 episodes of DBZ and I have a crush on Goku. Is it normal to have crushes on cartoon characters?
Fab Bag
I had received my August bag long time ago, but I don't have time for a photo-shoot. I'll try now, after finishing this post.

Whew! Such a long list of favourites this month! x

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