Changing the Watch Strap

by - August 22, 2015

My uncle had given his Reebok watch to my brother. And later, I took it from him (my brother) when he got a new one. The watch had black leather belt.

I tried wearing that watch once, but as it had a big 'men' type dial, it didn't go well, especially with that black leather belt of it. So I tried something totally different.

I went to the watch repairer's shop and asked him to change the leather belt to a classy metallic silver one. I put on a new cell, and off I went, absolutely showing off my wrist.

If you have a watch with good dial but bad straps, you can always change the straps. The watch gets a completely new look after changing the straps.

Here are some of the pictures from my Instagram account, where the watch with metallic straps is featured:

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