New Nail Polish Shades

by - August 14, 2015

I'm so happy that I purchased these three bottles of amazing pastels at just Rs.50. And guess from where I purchased them? A local train!
A man had come in the train selling nail polish and other makeup products. I just checked the colours and was surprised seeing these chic shades. I immediately asked the price; one bottle was for Rs.20, and when I held three bottles in hand, he said three bottles were discounted and that they were for Rs.50, and not Rs.60.
Though I was saving just Rs.10, the thought of getting three bottles for Rs.50 made me ecstatic.

 The colours are lavender, reddish orange, and light pink (not to be confused with baby pink). I never had such pastels and so I'm very excited to apply them. I'll go home (I'm in train right now) and apply the reddish orange shade, as it would look lovely on my tomorrow's outfit ! (For foreigners: tomorrow is India's Independence Day, and one of the colours in our flag is saffron; and hence I'm deciding to apply the reddish orange shade.) 

Tomorrow is a working day, and I can't wait to flaunt my nails!
I know I'm hardly gonna use these colours, but anyway, I'm loving to add these in my small collection.
I'll surely post pictures of the new polish shades soon, so stay glued.


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