Vichy Ideal White 2 Step Routine Review

by - August 09, 2015

I had traded few Fab Bag products with my best friend, and that's when I got this pack. Though I'm not a person who wants to be fair, as I already am pretty fair, this pack wasn't for me. But after using the cleansing foam, I was glad I took it in the barter exchange.

Vichy Ideal White is a 2-step whitening routine. It has a Meta Whitening Essence and a Brightening Deep Cleansing Foam. Initially, I was adamant in taking this pack from her, but now I'm happy.

1. Vichy Ideal White Meta Whitening Essence

What the Product Claims: Radiant, translucent, and flawless skin. Intensely hydrating.
How to Use: Apply in morning and/or evening.
My Experience: This one is a sample of 3ml. I have never quite understood the magic behind these fairness creams. After applying, it was a bit sticky. I've used this product just once, and would use it just twice after, maybe.
Price: Rs. 2,500 for 30ml

2. Vichy Ideal White Brightening Deep Cleansing Foam

What the Product Claims: Flawless transparency and luminosity.
How to Use: Apply in the morning or evening. Lather using water. 
My Experience: I loved it! I have kept this 15ml tube in my utility bag, and carry it wherever I go. As from tomorrow, my internship will start, I'll need it even more. This foam makes your face bright immediately after washing. So whenever I want a clean face, I would use Clean and Clear Foaming Facewash; and whenever I want a bright face, I would go with this foam. The smell is a sweet one, and we feel like we have applied some cosmetic. So we don't feel like it is actually purifying our skin, but as if we are applying a makeup product.
Price: Rs. 1,400 for 100ml

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