Quick Access to Cotton

by - August 11, 2015

If you're one of those women who require cotton everyday, then this post would be of great help to you. If you use cotton for applying toner on your face every morning and night, you require a quirky little storage to hold the cotton.

You cannot keep that ugly plastic bag, which has cotton inside, on your vanity area; it would look pathetic.

Therefore, to keep the beauty of your vanity intact, buy these little storage boxes.

 I had purchased this little tin bag-like storage from a Chinese online store, and I simply adore it. If you want to purchase a good-looking tin storage box, you can buy these.
I tried keeping in coins, but the collision of the tin bag and coins created a lot of noise while walking. So I thought of using this tin for storing lighter items.

As I require cotton pretty much everyday, I thought of using this tin for storing cotton. I made sure the interior of the tin was clean, as the cotton, which we would apply on our skin, was in contact with the tin directly.

 Nowadays, my desk is turning into a desk of a woman's. Earlier, there were just stationary items on the desk, but now, as you can see, there are skin care bottles, flowers, and a pair of glasses too.

And finally, the tip: I've kept the cotton on the desk, next to my toner, to get the quickest access possible.

How do you store cotton? x

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