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by - August 10, 2015

I had purchased a similar cover earlier as well, but used it just for few days, as I was embarrassed. You get such covers mostly near the railway stations in Mumbai. I purchased this from a vendor who was selling inside the running train.

You get to see many vendors selling different products like pass covers, fruits, leggings, jewelry, clips, utility items, etc. It's fun to see what all they've got. The prices are so low, you'd be surprised.

I purchased this 9 pocketed pass cover, as I had many cards to hold.

I got this cover for Rs. 10, and I'm not even kidding.

I've kept just one business card here.

I haven't put anything in the pocket behind it, as I wanted my details to be seen.
I've also put in my brother's business card here. In case you want to know more about it, visit this page
Even for his card, I've left a pocket, which was behind it, blank.

Most importantly, I've kept my railway identity card along with season ticket inside it. I've also kept my college's library card. I didn't keep my debit card as it was a risky business to do that.
In the last pocket, I've kept the visiting cards I've personally received. This pocket is temporary, and I can remove the cards from it whenever I would feel like.

Lastly, I've stuck a TPCG sticker to hide the typography on it.

How do you organize your railway pass and other cards?

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