Things to Consider While Buying a Handbag

by - August 18, 2015

I literally feel like a handbag expert. I have more than 20 handbags, and every time I pass a handbags store, I tend to feel like Isla Fisher from the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic.

I was coming back from my office today and I thought how inappropriate my bag's handle is. So I thought of writing down all those factors to consider while buying a handbag. (This one is for all those girls who are growing up from a girl carrying a canvas tote to a lady with leather handbag!)

One | Colour | This one is probably the fist factor we look while purchasing a handbag. If you purchase a light coloured bag, make sure that its material is washable. For example, I have a white coloured handbag and I can easily clean the dirt on it with a wet-cloth or wash it down by water and soap. However, I have a red bag, which has white fonts on it; I cannot wash it anytime I want and need to allot time for the same.

Two | Price | See to it that the price you are giving for your handbag is worth. If the handbag is small in size and still costs you a grand, then please don't purchase it. Once in a while, it is okay to purchase expensive bags, but see to it that they are either sturdy or would make a statement.

Three | Material | Look out for the material as well. Though this isn't really an important factor, looking for a monsoon-friendly handbag is no harm. If you're living in a place where it rains a lot, buy a non-leather handbag. Avoid cotton/canvas bags as they get dirty pretty quickly and are tough to wash (rather tough to dry!).

Avoid short handles

Four | Handle | This is such an important point to consider! Go out for bags that have longer handles, so that they are comfortable to carry on shoulders too. We cannot put bags on our arms all the time. While catching a super-crowded local train, you are forced to put your bag on your shoulder. See to it that the bag has a long handle. I have many classy handbags that don't have long handles, and they're so hard to carry!

Worst kind of stitching/type


Strongest stitching/type

Five | Stitching | Please be careful about the stitches. See to it that the bag you're purchasing is designed in such a way that no matter how much weight you carry, you will be sure about its handles being intact.

Six | Capacity | Check if there is enough space inside the bag. Check for the opening too. I have a green bag with its opening being so small that hardly anything goes inside.

Seven | Weight | I have many bags that are heavy even though they are empty. Be careful about the  weight of the bag you're purchasing. If the bag is light, then that would be great, as you feel light too.

Eight | Pockets | Avoid too many pockets, but at the same time, there should be at least one pocket on the outer side and one in the inner. Outer pocket is to keep earphones, coins, etc., and inner pocket is to keep sanitary pads, makeup products, cellphone, etc.

Nine | Care | If you're purchasing from a store, ask the seller for the methods to take the bag's care. If you're purchasing a branded one, it might have certain instructions, or you can ask the store helper.

Ten | Sling Option | Go for the bags that have an option to convert a handbag into a sling/messenger bag. When you want to use both of your hands for something, the long straps of your bag would be of great help.


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