How to Add Social Media Buttons

by - April 01, 2016

This is a requested post. We all want our readers to follow us on our social media profiles, but don't know how to direct them there. So here's a step-by-step guide to adding buttons on your site and ensuring your readers are following you there too.

Firstly, download free social media buttons. Just type 'Free Social Media Buttons' on a search engine and you'll get various sites to choose your set of icons. You'll probably get a zip folder after downloading, so just extract all the items. Finalize on those icons you'll be needing or want followers on.

Once you're done finalizing, open and click on the Pencil icon that says 'create a new post'.

Once you're on the new post page, Go to the 'HTML' view, and add all the chosen images of the icons. Click on 'Add Selected'. Once you do that, unlike the normal 'Compose' view, you'll get the above option of 'Choose a layout'. In that, preferably click on the alignment as 'None' and image size as 'Original size'.

Once you're through with that, go to the 'Compose' view and you'll see all your icons here. For sample, I've chosen just two icons to show you guys. Before doing anything further, put your title as 'DO NOT UPLOAD!'. This will warn you every time you feel like pressing the 'Publish' button.

Now, we have to link those icons with their respective handles.
Click on the first icon, Facebook, and add a link. (If a box like 'Edit Link' doesn't appear, click on link once again.) After the box is open, check the 'Open this link in a new window' box. Add the URL of your handle in the 'Which URL should this link go to?' space. Click on OK. Repeat these steps for all the icons.

Then, go to the 'HTML' view, and copy the entire code that you see there.

Save your post. Now, open again on a new tab. Go to 'Layout' and click on 'Add a Gadget'. Select 'HTML/JavaScript' gadget, and a box like the one above will appear.
Paste your code in the 'Content' box and add a title if you want. Click on 'Save'. Later, 'Save (the) arrangement' and then click on 'View Blog'.

All the icons will appear on your blog!

In case the icons don't fit, you may want to play with the size of the icons or change the alignment, or better yet, reduce (or add) icons depending on the space. As for my blog, only two icons look empty, I would add two more.

The basic aim is to boost followers and make your blog look pretty.

Download the above used icons here > Free Download: Metro Social Media Icon Set

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