The Bookmark Trick

by - April 16, 2016

Bookmarks are fun to flag a page when you keep the book aside. But, when you read the book after a long, long break, you don't even remember which was the last paragraph you'd read. In order to amp up the use of bookmark, I have a trick.

Depending on which side of the page you'd read last, turn the side of the bookmark accordingly. If I'm done reading a paragraph on left side and three more paragraphs are remaining on the same side, I'll keep the 'front' side of the bookmark facing towards that very side.

For example, in the above image, the bookmark's front side is facing page number 161, which means, I have to resume reading from page 161. Had it been facing page 160, I would have resumed reading from page 160.

'cause of this, I don't need to read all the paragraphs in order to recollect which line I'd read last; I would just check the side of the bookmark, and know which page I was on.

This trick has saved lot of time and helped my impatient soul.

Do you have any bookmark trick?

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