'Star-Mark' Important Emails

by - April 22, 2016

You might be doing this, but not as often as you should do. In a day, you get so many emails that most of them are unimportant, meaning, you can survive without them. Hardly few of the emails are important for your survival. Here, I don't mean those spam emails, but those that you get from different shopping sites, which can be important only if you're looking out for offers.

As soon as you come across an important email, irrespective of whether a reply was expected from your side or not, just 'favourite' or 'star' it. Your email-list becomes so clean and organized just by doing this. 

I'll give you examples to make things precise. As a student, I get many emails from our professors offering various job opportunities. For me, these opportunities are insignificant as of now, so I ignore those emails. However, if I receive any email proposing a collaboration with my blog, judging its importance, I put a 'star-mark' before it. 

I might not even search all the starred emails in the future, but I am relieved as I won't delete these emails by mistake any time. It's not just about deletion, but the sheer fact that you've made something a priority. 
Seeing my email-list definitely brings in positivity, as I only focus on those starred emails and work towards them. 

Therefore, next time you get an important email, no matter the varying degree of its importance, star-mark it. You'll undeniably feel better and motivated. 

How often do you star-mark an email?

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