April 2016 Goals

by - April 07, 2016

Finally, after a four-day struggle, my exams are over. I'm through the first year of my post graduation and I feel terribly relieved. Though today I could not sleep after coming back from exam, I spent my evening reading the Jane Eyre by Charlotte and watching the Indigo League (season 1) of Pokemon, back to back. My eyes are crying for sleep but I guess I'll just pass for now.

I'm writing blog after taking so many gaps. I'm back, but not with a bang, for few more days. I might go to Pune for a good one week. And I'm not sure about the WiPod I own, as it was having some problems the last time I'd used it. I will do something, so do not worry!

All right, my goals for April? Frankly speaking, they're to relax!

Watching TV Shows & Movies
Call me crazy, but I'm watching Pokemon all over again. I'm on the 34th episode of the Indigo League. I love the show and I'm waiting for Ash to catch all the Pokemons and be the Master. Waiting for that moment, though it'll take me lot of seasons for that. I'm also excited to see the strength of Mew and Mewtwo--the most powerful Pokemons out there!
When in Pune, I'm gonna watch lot of movies, with my brothers and mom. 

Reading Books
I've resumed reading the above written book and I hope it gets funner!

Vacations are for cooking and trying out new recipes!

Helping Mom
Helping mom also is one of the goals, needless to say.

Concentrating on Blog
I gotta push blog and most importantly, the social media promotion again. I've been inactive, because honestly, I did not even have time to feel guilty that I've not written the blog. Earlier, during graduation days, I used to write even while my exams were on, but now things are different. I didn't get time to sleep in the noon too. That's what happens when the papers are back to back and you're doing your masters!

What are your goals for April?

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