How to Clean your Room in 4 Easy Steps

by - April 25, 2016

Before I begin with the post, let me tell you, I'm not that lazy; sometimes lethargy overpowers me. You can say, I have better things to do than cleaning the room. But, in order to start doing those better things, I need my room to be clean. I cannot work on a large blog post or sit with assignments with heaps of clothes lying on the bed and bags or other accessories lying on the worktop; all this mess just kills my mood and productivity. Therefore, before starting the things I love, I clean my room following these easy steps. If you follow this guide, your room will be tidy in 10 minutes only!

This is the first step I do. I keep all the glasses, mugs, cups, jars, or all those items that belong in the kitchen, back to the kitchen. Every morning, without fail, I drink a glass of water. While doing so, I'm in my bedroom. Once I'm done drinking, I keep the glass in my room and not in the kitchen. Same thing repeats when I drink a cup of tea with biscuits; I keep the cup and the large jar of biscuits in my room. Also, I keep the breakfast plate/bowl as it is. Once I sit for my work, I put all these back to the kitchen and thus few items are done away with.

Next, I tidy up the beds. In my room, there are two beds. So I fold the blankets and keep them neatly under the pillows of the respective beds. I put away extra things that are lying on the bed like clothes, towel, etc. back to where they belong. Next important thing I do is straightening the bedsheet. This one thing turns your bed from messy to a clean and well maintained bed. No matter if there are things on the bed, if you straighten the bedsheet, your bed will look organized.

If you're someone who has a worktop or a table, clean that too. A messy worktop seriously turns me off. I clean all the junk and keep my novel and glasses properly on it. You should definitely try to keep less number of things on your table/worktop. A clean worktop automatically clears all the negativity before starting any work. 

If you don't have a dustbin in your room, you must be too lazy to throw the chocolate wrappers or any scribbled papers. You can either keep a mini dustbin in your room to help in your laziness or go and put the garbage away. I have a small white coloured dustbin in my room, right near the feet of my worktop. I have used that dustbin a million times. You would find banana skins, crushed stick notes, old tickets, broken wires, etc. in this dustbin. Read this post to get a mini dustbin of your own, with spending no money absolutely: Short Tip #13 Trash Can

How do you clean your room? Is there any way? Are there any steps that you follow?

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