Stick Notes on Laptop

by - April 19, 2016

Yet another superb way to get your tasks done is by sticking stick notes on your laptop's keyboard. I'm sure it has lot of free space to stick a note.
Write all the day's task on a sheet of stick note and stick it on your laptop. Whenever you waste your time watching a TV show, this note will remind you of the tasks you have to finish.

I got this idea from my brother. Today morning I was helping him draft a mail, and saw a note like this. He's particular about his tasks for the day, as he's an entrepreneur. He lists down his meetings and other business related chores every night. I had designed a planner for him as well.
I was happy to see him use this trick and immediately thought of sharing it with you all.

This trick will trigger you to work if at all you're aimlessly watching YouTube and not doing the assigned tasks.

Have you ever tried this trick?

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