Wallpaper | City of Dreams

by - April 24, 2016

I always look out for such wallpapers as Mumbai is my city of dreams. The song, Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys, is such an inspirational song. It is my favourite to listen to when travelling in bus in the main city. Though the singer sings New York, New York, for me it somehow translates to Mumbai, Mumbai. Now I'm all settled in my course of post-graduation, but before this, when I was giving entrance exam, I was amazed to listen to this song. Check out my post 'Everything Happens for Good' and you'll exactly know what I felt back then.

I used to search for this kind of wallpapers everywhere in that phase of life. I designed one for my readers so if you guys need some inspo, this wallpaper will work like magic. I purposely wrote 'City of Dreams' instead of mentioning any city's name as for a person any city could be his city of dreams. This wallpaper's gonna motivate you, especially if you're heading to an interview or audition in the city of your dreams. So go ahead, and make it as your wallpaper!

If you want this wallpaper with the name of your city of dreams on it, comment below!

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