What's in my Pencil Case on an Exam Day

by - April 09, 2016

I reached Pune today at 4:30 and right now I'm sitting here, and my sister is home! I'm so happy as it's gonna be a fantastic movie night!

All right, so without further due, let's get into the post:

Pencil Case
I'm using this pouch by Fab Bag and I love it as it's chic and a zebra print. I love zebra print and have a laptop case in it too. I like to carry a large pouch so that I can put in lot of things. 

Small Ruler
I've used a small ruler for two out of four papers this time and it's been definitely a tool for me. I used it for drawing diagrams. I had also carried a large ruler for drawing lines after the completion of each answer, denoting that the answer is complete (and is not left in middle). I had kept this large ruler floating in my bag.

Pen Pencils x2
One is with the lead 0.7mm and the other is 0.5mm. I had purchased the pink one newly and then found the blue one. I thought of carrying both of them as changing the lead while writing exam is a total waste of time.

Lead Box x2
As the lead of both are different, I had to carry two individual boxes that supported them. 

Blue Ink Ball Point Pen x5
There's a long story behind these five pens. I had asked my dad to get pens one day before the exam as I hardly had one or two, with half filled inks. My dad got four pens--two olive green and two black. I didn't like the olive green but had to use it. 

Black Ink Ball Point Pen x2
Black pens are important for colouring those circles on the OMR sheet. As my dad had brought two, I carried two. 

Hall Ticket
I had folded my hall ticket in half and had kept in a clear pouch and then fitted that pouch in my pencil case.

What do you carry in your pencil case on exam days?

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