'MoMo Cafe, Courtyard by Marriott' Review

by - April 27, 2016

To begin with, I must admit that I absolutely love food. Initially, I used to be dicey about me being a foodie, but lately, I have realized that I am a big foodie, and is proud to be one. My family is famous in the neighborhood for being foodies and living to eat and not eating to live. I'm proud to be just like it.

I wanted to try this particular restaurant since long. The day finally came when I planned for real and the unexpected happened--the plan got executed! This hotel is inside the huge Courtyard hotel, and yes, it's by the famous Marriott group of hotels. This is the first time I'd been to a hotel inside a 4-5 starred hotel and my experience was different, but sweet.

The buffet is for Rs. 1,375 per head, exclusive of tax. The restaurant is situated in Andheri East, in case you want to go there! Read on further to know my review of this grand restaurant!


Irrespective of whether you've been to a restaurant that serves in a buffet kind of a system, I still would love to write how this restaurant works. We had it in a buffet style. We have to grab a plate and then serve ourselves. I took potatoes, broccoli, corn, cherry tomatoes, pasta, onions, and zucchini for my salad, and yes, all of them were garnished, except those cherry tomatoes.
The salad was cold, which I didn't know and so I had expected something hot and not cold like this. The salad was passable in my opinion.


I took a naan and asked the server if he could add butter and he did. I was happy as I could ask him without any haste. Along with the naan, I took vegetable biryani, raita, three subjis, and two paneer tikkis (with coconut-coriander chutney). All of the items from the main course were delicious, but nothing took my heart away as the desserts.


There's also a system in this restaurant where you can order the food that is available and the servers get the food for you. We took this vegetarian pizza in this manner. There are more options available like green tea, pasta, chaat, etc.
The pizza had a thin crust and was satisfying.


Seeing the number of photos you'd know how much I loved the desserts here. If at all you're planning to visit the restaurant, I recommend you to keep 10% of the space in your stomach for desserts. All of the desserts I tried were mindbogglingly delicious. I'm not a big desserts fan, but I loved each and every item I tried. Just for your knowledge, I clicked the photos of the desserts.
I had taken hot chocolate brownie, tiramisu, some pineapple upside down baked cake, and the fourth item that you can see on my plate. Desserts are a must-eat. If you're a moderate sweet-eater like I am, I promise you this section will not be a disappointment.


The ambiance is lovely. If you're going in the morning or before the sun sets, I recommend dressing in a day-dress as the ambiance is very bright and cheerful. However, if you're going in the evening or at night, dress yourselves in a smart formal dress. The roof of the restaurant is high, so there's ample of fresh air.

The service was out-and-out. In the start, however, we were a bit lost, as in where to go, from where to start, etc., but once we entered the hotel, this MoMo Cafe was on the ground floor itself. The servers guided us well, and I would specially like to mention the servers Siddhesh Dhankutkar and Naveen Kadam, and the Assistant Restaurant Manager Asif Shaikh. I asked their names as I had pre-decided to write a review and be specific about the details.
The plates were cleared off in time and other technicalities were taken care of as well. The staff was friendly and ever-smiling.

That was my long restaurant review!

Have you visited this hotel?

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