Hanging Chair

by - April 12, 2016

I always wanted to have a hanging chair, which I could call as mine. I love swings and simply enjoy how we go up and down. I love that careless feeling, which makes me feel like I'm flying. No kidding.

We hadn't decided to get a hanging chair at my house in Pune, but last time, when my brother was here, he fixed it in our room. We have a view of thick green trees and as the room is empty, we can swing to and fro and from side to side without the fear of being struck by a furniture or the walls.

I love reading my book here, or simply shutting my eyes and relaxing. This hanging chair is a must item, guys; and if you have enough space in your house (or veranda), just fix one! I promise you that you're gonna love the feeling of comfortably sitting in such a chair, sipping a hot cup of coffee on an adorable winter morning. 

Do you have a hanging chair in your vicinity?

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