Fun Things to Carry to Your Holiday-Home

by - April 11, 2016

I love it when I have topics on which I can write my heart out; this post's one of those. This is the third time I'm coming here in Pune, not for work, but for relaxing and having fun. By now I exactly know what's gonna keep me hooked and happy, even at my holiday-home, where I have no friends, weak internet connection, and lesser activities to keep myself busy.

So, what are those fun things you can carry to your holiday-home that will ensure a happy and a wonderful stay?

Number one thing I would recommend is carrying a laptop. Carry it especially if you'e gonna stay there for more than a week long. Laptop's gonna be your saviour at those times when everybody in the house is asleep and you're not.
Fill your laptop or a hard-disk with lots of movies or TV shows. Before coming here, I had transferred Pokemon and other movies in my hard-disk so that I'll be entertained whenever I wanted to. 

Carry indoor games like Monopoly, Life, Business, etc. You can also keep a carom board and the coins at your holiday-home. Carom is the best indoor game to play!

If you own a WiPod or a portable WiFi, needless to say, you should carry that too. Not just to access the internet, but also to search for restaurants on Zomato. Your cellphone's internet connection is just too weak when you're out of your hometown!

You can carry a football, cricket bat and ball, badminton racket and shuttle, etc., depending on the space near your house and of course, your interest.

Carry few colours of nail polish depending on the length of your stay. When bored, just reapply the polish! I have carried a pink bottle with me.

I know you'll probably carry a camera when on a trip. But, I mentioned here because you can discover the area around your house and click photos of everything that appeals you. I'm gonna do this too, and then will make a blog-post on that. (I hope I really do this!)

Depending on how thick the novel is and how many pages of it are done reading, carry one or two novels. As the book I'm reading, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, is of 548 pages, I knew I won't be needing two books. If you're bored to turn on your laptop, you can quickly grab your novel and read.

Nothing like playing the playing-cards with your friends and family. Turn on the music, keep some snacks around you, and play together for hours. You can also play UNO if playing cards are not your cup of tea!

 What do you do at your holiday-home?

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