My Work Desk at Pune

by - April 10, 2016

It's so good to have a work desk even at your holiday-home. Though a holiday-home is where you have fun and keep the technology away, blogging does not count as 'work'. It's so peaceful to write, but I often lack topics, as I don't have my everyday life going on here.
Don't expect any fanciful desk here, as it's just a PC table with nothing on top, except my laptop and a cute little soft toy I had got from Shanghai.

We had purchased this table in my brother's first year days, i.e., around six years back. He was pursuing his education in Pune and used to live with my grandfather here. We had got this table for him to study.

We've kept this table in the master bedroom, which belongs to me and my brother. There are no beds here for now, but just a table and a swinging chair, which we absolutely love. My brother wants to keep this room for recreation, fun, work, and as a library. (I want beds here, but even this idea will do.) Right now, there are no books, except those two books we're currently reading. We've made a mini library there, at my house in Mumbai, and it's the loveliest thing!


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