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by - April 18, 2016

Last month, I was home alone for two days, one night as my parents were at Pune. Unfortunately, I also had to wake up at 6:30 am for college. I would have returned home at 3:30 pm and so had to ensure I have done all those tasks essential for a safe house.

I listed down basic tasks on a stick note and stuck it behind the main door of the house. Before leaving, I checked if I had done all the tasks.

I'm sharing a picture of my check list so that you guys get an idea.

Making sure you leave the house with keys is one of the most important tasks to do when alone. Without a key, you're dead, you know. I have purposely rewritten KEYS to ensure I have taken them before shutting the door.

This is another yet very important task. See to it that you've turn off the stove before leaving. If you don't, a huge mishap might take place.

It is one of the conservation of electricity tasks. Shut off all those fans and lights before leaving. If you're gonna be out for the whole day, don't forget to turn off the WiFi switch too.

When we're alone, we usually use computer the most. Don't hurriedly leave the house without ensuring you've turned off the PC as well. Long duration of inactivity might turn your computer's screen blank making you think you've turned it off. So, see that all the switches of the PC are turned off.

During summer especially, don't keep the food out else it might stale until you reach home. Keep the food inside the refrigerator.

You would obviously turn off the tap as it is not something we forget to do. But, this can be possible when there's a water shortage problem at your residence. As it had not rained plenty in Maharashtra last year, there's a water shortage problem going on. To deal with this, we usually don't have water for a day or two in a week. Unfortunately, I was alone during those two days and so I had to make sure all the taps were closed as a sudden restart of water would have wasted it in my absence. 

Don't forget your friends. Keep out food and water for them and whatever provisions are needed according to your pets.

What are the tasks in your 'home alone check list'?

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