8 Effortless Ways to Always Look Stylish

by - August 19, 2020

8 effortless ways to always look stylish

The fashion industry, the advertisements, the social media continually tell us to buy statement pieces to look stylish. They compel you to think that wearing a crop-top with narrow sunglasses will make you a badass diva. They tell you to grab latest of trends and shove discounted fashion items on your face and make you believe that buying more will lead you to look fashionable and accepted by the popular community. 

But tell you what? That's not always the truth. You can still look chic by wearing whatever you have in the wardrobe. All you need to make are a few amendments to your outfits to always look stylish. 

1. Rolling up sleeves

It's my go-to hack. Rolling up your full sleeves (so whether it is a blazer or a jumper) looks put together and effortlessly stylish. If your sleeves slip down even if you roll them up, then try wearing a rubber band on your forearm and then simply tuck in your sleeve and roll it up. 

2. Adding a piece of jewellery

I'm not a huge fan of jewellery. Rather, I'm always sans jewellery. I hate to have the tingly feeling of accessories on my body –– so whether it is a pair of a long earrings or a bracelet or even rings. Just thinking of wearing any jewellery drives me nuts. 

However, that does not mean I don't wear any. There are times when I really need to lift my look and no matter what I do, it doesn't work out. Either it looks too loud or underdressed. During such times, I prefer wearing a simple outfit and pair a piece of jewellery to add some edge. 

3. Spraying dry shampoo

Good hair days = good days in general. And this is true for most of us. Having oily hair can really break your look. And if you're running late or sick and can't wash your hair, then the best idea would be spraying some dry shampoo to ease your oily tresses. A dry shampoo not only absorbs the grease but even manages to give a fuller volume to your hair. Looks like a great deal to me! 

TPCG picks: Batiste Dry Shampoopreferably in original fragrance. 

4. Adding a pop of colour

I'm such an add-a-pop-of-colour person. I like to go with neutral colours and then add a vibrant accessory such as a red sling bag, a fuchsia pink lipstick, a fluorescent green top, a pair of mustard flats and so on. Unless that's your personal style, but I prefer a pop of vibrant colour on a neutral outfit. I don't like pairing a vibrant colour on a vibrant colour unless I'm in Goa and really planning to go hippie. 

TPCG recommendations: I believe a red solid sling bag like Diana Korr's would go really well on a white shirt and a pair of faded mom jeans. 

5. Tucking it in

If you ask me to describe my personal style, I would certainly describe it as: a t-shirt 'tucked in' my ripped jeans. Because I love tucking in my tops. It's partly due to my body shape. I hate tops that go beyond my bum as they show an incorrect image of my body. Which is why I prefer either folding the end of my tops until my bum or just tuck them in my bottoms. But regardless of my body type, I strongly believe that tucking in a top makes your outfit look twice better. 

6. Adding a cap (or a hat)

Adding a hat mind sound too much for someone whose personal style is simple, and unless you're by the beachside, you cannot pull a hat. I get it. For me, wearing a hat is just too extra and something that I can't pull off––or wouldn't wish to pull off. So my next best option––something that helps me hide my bad hair days, is a cap. Oh my gosh, I love caps. I don't mind wearing them even on a plain kurta. Caps define me, I define caps. 

TPCG suggests: Go for caps that have a harder crown. Flat caps are a big no-no. They make you look like you have a flat head! I even recommend bending the brim of your cap to bring the oomph. 

7. Changing your everyday look

Do you always wear makeup? Try to go really basic someday (how about just an eyeliner and some mascara?). If you're always without makeup, try to wear some. I would suggest red lipstick as it truly puts together an outfit. Is your personal style feminine? Go for something bold for a change, and vice versa. You can even mix and match two styles. For example, wearing a lacy/floral top and pairing it with some sports shoes.

8. Lastly, painting your nails

I mean, you tried everything and it's still not working out? Paint your nails and at least you'll have beautiful fingers to look at! Jokes aside but I always adore those women who have neatly painted nails. Pastel shades make you look like a smart, sophisticated, warm, and a woman-who-knows-her-shit of a person.

What is your go-to hack for a stylish look? Comment below!

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