The Casual Chic Wishlist: My Quarterly Wishlist

by - August 16, 2020

We all have wishlists and rather, these are what keep us going. Ever since I landed into a full-time job, I started taking my wardrobe and my personal style quite seriously. Apart from keeping away some portion of my salary as savings and giving another part of it to the family, I vouched to spend the remainder on myself. 

After almost five years of fast shopping and street-side picks, this time around, my wardrobe was almost weeping to carry these low-quality clothes. It begged for an upgrade. It begged me to be conscious about what I shopped. It asked me to stop going for cheap quality clothing items shipped from China. It asked me to invest and buy intentionally.

I'm on this journey since a couple of months where I'm shopping quality pieces that would last long. I've already shopped a lot over the course of my new job. And the hunt for new clothes, new shoes, new upgrade doesn't seem to end. So to stop my urge of buying something that is not my type per se, I started making wishlists for real. A pen-on-paper wishlist. 


Wishlists avoid the urge of buying something you don't necessarily need. It helps you refrain from such incidences when you stay in a tropical climate and yet buy a cashmere blazer because it was adorable and on sale.

Making a wishlist avoids superfluous splurges. It gives you a guideline to shop. This also means, you don't spend a fortune on a cashmere blazer you're never going to wear. Making a wishlist makes you a conscious buyer. You're fully aware of the things you need and you are willing to stick to that personal handbook of yours while shopping. 

Wishlists also mean you have to be strict and true to your needs. If you're looking for a mustard pair of flats, only go for mustard or shades between yellow and orange. And when you mean flats, do not browse through heels. Stick to mustard flats. Otherwise, what's the point of making a wishlist?


I'm starting a new series on my blog wherein I would share my quarterly wishlist. A quarterly wishlist simply means making a list of items you want to buy over a course of three months. I'm picking August, September, and October for today's post. 

Not just this, I'll share a monthly update on what's going on with this list and how many pieces I've purchased out of it. A quarterly wishlist lets you plan ahead, save, and shop consciously keeping in mind your budget, needs, and desires. 

Want to make this wishlist yours? Pin it!

The Casual Chic Wishlist for the months of August, September, and October includes a lot of neutrals. That's because, to build a powerful wardrobe, you need premium quality basics. You need the basic camisoles, the solid tees, the linen and cotton pieces and so on. 

Therefore I thought, to start with this project, I must have basic pieces in my wardrobe. Here's what I think I need to have for the next three months to begin this project:



  • Mom jeans
  • Culottes (preferably light shades such as grey)
  • Olive green utility pants
  • Paperbag trousers (faded olive green, cream, grey, baby pink)
  • Linen trousers
  • Cigarette pants (preferably in a grey checkered print)


  • Black maxi dress (with a slide slit)
  • White cotton dress (mid-length with brown buttons)


  • Dark grey well-fitted t-shirt
  • Black strappy top
  • White strappy top
  • Grey camisole (for cosier and more comfortable style)


  • Nike cap (or any cap with the brand logo; preferably in black, white or grey)
  • Mustard flats (a pair in which I can walk for hours comfortably)
  • Black flats (same description as above + should be really beautiful/special)
  • White cotton or canvas shoes 
  • A neutral coloured sling bag (preferably grey, cream or a faded light blue)

I'm so pumped up to work on this project. Feel free to pin my wishlist and use it for your shopping guide if you may. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you get on this journey of conscious buying soon.

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