How to Make Self-Notes

by - March 04, 2014

I always keep telling you to make your self-notes in the exam tips, or in any college related tip. Now exactly, how are they supposed to be made?

Like I told you, these notes help you a lot. Since the exams are in a week's time, this is when you make them. I made these notes in this semester's internal exam, and later attached papers as and when I studied for the finals (which are starting from the 10th of this month).

Firstly I'll show you how to keep the notes organized after your internals. And later I'll show how to add papers in the bundle for finals.

These are all the self-notes of six different subjects I made for internals. I've torn the blank unused pages from old books to make these notes. This is definitely a great idea. The papers are from childhood, I guess 3rd or 4th standard.

This is how the entire internals' bundle looks like.

I've used a binder clip to clip all the subjects together. Since the internals have fewer portions, the pages are few.  And so I could clip everything together.

I attached the question papers before the subject's notes began, as soon as I went home after exam. So when I study for the finals, I will have the question paper of the internal with me, for reference. I've attached it using a coloured u-pin.

Here's a tip: If you are mind-mapping answers, and have created a code for it, then write the code in big letters on an index card, and attach it to the top of the current page, with a u-pin. This will tell you how many difficult answers you have. Plus how are they mind-mapped, as in using which codes.

You can use the highlighter to highlight the topic's name, instead of highlighting the important words. So the next time your friends ask if you can teach them Types of Research, you can search it easily through your papers, with the help of this technique.

Finally, after the final exams' studies begin, you can attach the papers to the respective notes. Since the width of these notes will increase, we can use a different clip for a different subject. So now I've used 6 binder clips (for the six subjects that I have).

These are the things I needed while making the notes.

And finally after your exams are over, keep them in the college documents organizing bag.


How do you study? Is there a similar technique like mine?

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