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by - March 28, 2014

Almost three months of the 'new year' are over, and I would say I'm well versed with the agenda now. I exactly know how to maintain, write, and read it. So if you're still confused, or waiting for a 'How to Maintain your Agenda' post, then it is here.

I'm trying to make sure that this post is given my complete attention. Because mostly, the long posts are so long, that I am left wordless towards the end. So I'm making sure to begin writing this post in the afternoon, and not in the eventide. 

I'm just done with painting an object for the post 'Project Paint', which I shall write soon. Well, not the entire painted object, but at least a 'phase' of it. I've got just too many things to do in a lesser period of time. 

To begin with, the agenda maintenance can be good with an agenda, planner, organizer, or even a filofax

Firstly, keep a pencil pouch near your agenda, and take it along with you wherever you go. And it should contain all those things that you will need to maintain your agenda.

These are the writing essentials that I use. I've colour-coded the different aspects of my life using the fine liners.
Orange colour is for the stuff related to college. For example, exams, tests, submissions, study time-table, renewing railway train pass, etc.
Green is for TPCG. I use it to write all the stuff related to the blog. I don't just write what posts are supposed to be written, but also mention different milestones, mails, replies, etc.
The Purple is for anniversaries and birthdays. 
The Pink keeps track of the menstrual cycle. 
The Lavender is for everything that excludes in the other four colours. 
Pencil is to tick-mark the achieved goals/tasks. 
The Pen is for generic purpose to write things on the sticky note.

I use the plastic cover to keep the Expense Book, tucked in. It was sometimes frustrating to carry two different books wherever I went. So I decided to tuck the book inside the plastic cover.

I've applied the same trick to the back cover too, and have tucked in my Blog Book inside.

If you need a strong bind for the agenda, you can use washi tapes. My agenda has a slightly weak binding, so I've used it.

I got this idea from a video on YouTube. I've stuck the entire pile of stick notes on the first page of the agenda. I write important lists or important tasks on it, and then tear off the page after the task is accomplished.

This is the Yearly view. There are six more pages like this. There are two pages for a single topic. So, in total, there are four such topics that have the Yearly views.
The first one is the Birthdays and Anniversaries. I just draw a small heart in the column, like you can see in the picture.

I've used the second Yearly view for all the College related work, like different projects, submissions, exams, etc. I write them under this view, with a small star, indicating the same.

The third view I've used for the Crimson Wave. You girls can seriously be benefited by this idea.
If suppose, today is my first day of period, I'll write 1. in the Yearly view, under today's date. And then will write 2., 3., 4., etc. accordingly. And as soon as I'm done with all the days, I'll just write a 'P' in a circle in the next month's date, according to my cycle. This 'P' will be indicative of the Predicted start of my Period in the next month. You can plan your vacations according to the Ps. It is very much beneficial, trust me.

The fourth Yearly view is for the To-Dos. I put a star mark with the respective colour in the date box. For example, if I have a submission, I'll put a star in Orange. If I have to clean my closet, I'll put a star in Lavender and so on.

I had made some terrible mistakes on one of the pages. So I stuck a red tinted sheet on it. For a good support to the adhesiveness, I just stuck a washi tape along the borders. Finally, I've written 'MONTHLY' on a piece of white paper, indicating that the Monthly view begins from here.

I've used a white u-pin to attach the previous months. Like here, March month is going on, so I've attached the MONTHLY page with January and February. So the next time I open the agenda, I'll be directed to the month that is going on, and not search through the months searching for it.
I've used a white colour pin to match the theme of the agenda.

I don't look at the Monthly view, nowadays. I just don't know why. I prefer Weekly view.
As you can see there are different coloured pens used to indicate the happenings, according to our colour code.

The same trick of a u-pin I've applied here. But this time I've used a binder clip, because the pages were more. I've used a black and white vintage binder clip to match the theme of the agenda.
The idea is similar- To take me to the on-going week.

In the Weekly view, we get ample of space to write the daily tasks, notices, etc. And this is my favourite view. I always look up to the news/tasks in this view itself. I trust this view, because the information written is absolutely specific.

I tick-mark the accomplished tasks with a pencil. Not just the task, but the date too. Whenever all the tasks of a day are accomplished, I tick-mark near the date, and similarly do with the week too.

I've used the flags by Post-it to mark the page I am on. For example, the fourth week is going on, and hence the flag is on this page.

In the last few pages of the agenda, which are ideally for the notes, I've written down the colour codes. And then stuck a flag on this page too.

I also write the day of the period, and the 'P' on the corner of the weekly boxes.

I've used this idea from this month only. You guys tell me whether it looks good or shabby. I've used a red colour to mark the government holidays.

Whenever I come across a task to do in, say two days, I make a note of it in all the three views. The yearly has a symbol, the monthly has just two or three words, and the weekly has the whole line.

I hope you got some tips in maintaining the agenda. This was a very long post, and I'm exhausted now.

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