Pill Organizer

by - March 26, 2014

My girlfriends and I went to the mall, and one of them was just recovering from fever. So after we finished munching on some snacks, she took out the pill organizer. And I smiled, because I knew I had a subject to write today's blog-post on.

I've seen many such organizers earlier too, but wasn't a blogger to write about it anywhere, then.

These organizers are not expensive, and are a great way to organize your pills.
You can either arrange them according to different pills, as in the picture, or can keep a day's pills in one section, and so on.
I've seen these organizers with many diabetic patients (relatives).
In some organizers, there are days written on the sections, for example, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. However, in the above organizer, there are numbers written on the sections.

You can carry these organizers anywhere, like my friend carried it to the mall. They can be of a good help, and are compact, hence girls can keep them in their handbags, and guys can keep them in their pockets.

There are different sizes, shapes and colours available in them. It just makes all the pills-taking-process a serious fun! How ironical!

Have you used/seen these organizers?

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