Goals-To-Achieve List // March

by - March 01, 2014

March is here, my birthday month. But it isn't really exciting for two reasons- I have exam on my birthday every year, which means no 'real' hanging out. And the second reason is, it is summer, staying at home is better than going for a day out.

Anyway, my goals this month are as follows-

ONE // Studying nicely, and not allowing mom to yell at me.
TWO // Following all the exam related tips.
THREE // Accomplishing 'Project Paint'. You'll know about it soon!
FOUR // Maintaining Agenda.
FIVE // Maintaining Expense Book.
SIX // Improving Blog.
SEVEN // Taking good care of skin, and my health on sunny days.
EIGHT // Carrying exam essentials.
NINE // Posting on the blog about how to make pencil cases! I hope I accomplish this one. And if I do, it's going to be a huge one, I promise.

Oops, again the number 9.

What are your goals?

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