Things that I Loved throughout // February

by - February 28, 2014

And also a Things that I Loved Throughout post on the assigned day. Feels great, you know.

There are quite a lot of things that I loved in this month, or rather shall I say, there are things I took note of from the starting of the month, and not just concentrated on the good parts that I remembered on the last day of the month, somehow? (Does this question even make sense?)

Alright, so here's my list of happiness this month. And I'm changing the layout of it to a better one.

ONE // New Computer
Yeah, it seriously is bliss. And I always wanted to buy a Windows 8. So now my cell phone and computer, both have Windows 8 OS. The first time I used a Windows 8 start screen, and I was reassuring myself that I'm on my new COMPUTER, and not using my Lumia 720

TWO // 200 Followers on Instagram
Finally I made it to 200. And now it is more than 200. I guess the basic rule for followers is uploading your own photos, and not that of coffee, tea, cookies, etc., unless you're famous already. Because I've observed whenever I upload my own photo, I at least get one new follower. Well, with an own photo, I don't just mean selfies, but the ones that you have your face in. I don't believe I actually used the word selfie. I'm not a selfie-person, but today anyway, I uploaded a photo with 'Selfie in train' as the caption. 
Another thing is that I love it when girls follow me, because I can tell them about my blog. When guys follow, I'm not happy.

THREE // Projects
All the projects this semester were great. I was satisfied, and I'm glad I'm improving. So this one is a project we had for Radio and Television subject, where we had to make a Pitch of our own, and make a Promotional PPT on it. So, I used an Mtv Logo just to add seriousness on my Title-of-the-soap page. I don't know if it is appropriate to use an Mtv logo on this blog. But I just loved this project and I got 8/10 for it. Thanks Mtv (and I apologize if I'm wrong anywhere, and I will take down this image if it is against your rules).

FOUR // Agenda
I love this agenda. Initially I made few mistakes in it, but now I'm feeling that it is perfect. I might write a post on how to maintain an agenda too. Unbelievably, I take a look at it every day. And also write all the activities on all the three 'views'- yearly, monthly, and weekly . Trust me; I've become an up-to-date and an organized person because of it.

FIVE // Sister's Visit to my House
I'm always happy when my cousins visit me. I have a very special bond with them. They're like my friends more than cousins. So she visited me when I needed someone to be with me during late night projects completions. My parents were thinking of going to Kolhapur for the Darshan of Ambabai Devi, which is said to be my family's Kula-Daivat, and just because my sister was ready to live here for more days, they did not cancel the trip. So my sister and I stayed at home, and they went to Kolhapur.
Her stay was only fun. We watched movie every single night, and obviously, what else can we watch other than rom-coms? When she's here, or I'm at her place, we have to watch at least one rom-com, that's the rule, and later drool over how hot Josh Duhamel is!
Actually, we had watched Safe Haven together, and didn't know who Josh Duhamel was then. But after seeing him in the movie, we went crazy! (And obviously downloaded all his movies and watched them later.)
We went to some place, almost every evening. Once to marine drives, once to Kalyan for project work, and one evening visited our cousin sister at IIT-Powai/Bombay!
And the best part was, when we were alone, we ordered pizzas! But those days weren't just fun-filled; I had a major project to submit. And I'm glad she helped me, and did not hesitate to oil my hair, and massage them even at 2 in the night.

SIX // Blog
You know I do not need any reason to love my blog. And especially with the change in the layout and the appearance, I'm in love with it even more! Plus, hey, I got a new follower!

SEVEN // L'Oreal Paris Serum
It was my best buy of January, and it is seriously is the BEST. It is my first serum, and I love it so much. You need to buy it! And apply to the hair strands, and tips only, and not to your scalp. This is something obvious, but, I'm a blogger, and I give tips.
Anyway, this serum makes my hair super awesome, and super smooth, and super shiny.

EIGHT // 300 Likes on Facebook Page
Oh yes, they are 315, now! Every day I try my best to improve this page. I have added new album 'Shoes Maniac', and was currently in the 'Marilyn Monroe Mania (MMM)', which ended yesterday. I also add random images in the Timeline Photos.

NINE // New Logo
OH. MY. GOD. I don't believe how this design struck me. I love the new logo! It is simple, and suits the blog perfectly! I made it in paint, and trust me; it was very simple to make. I've re-sized it, and hence you can see pixels, and I'm absolutely sorry for that.

Okay, so the number is 9. Pretty odd, isn't it? What are your favourites of February?

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