Best Buy(s) // February

by - February 27, 2014

After two months, finally, I could write a Best Buys post on the assigned day- all thanks to my agenda!

There aren't sufficient best buys in this month too, but there's definitely a huge one in this month.

For all the new readers, best buy(s) is a post I write on the end of every month. It has all those products that I get in less price, and are satisfactorily awesome, and those which belong to the month. Like Best Buy(s) // February indicates all the products from February.

HP All in One Computer
I bought this new computer by HP. It is i3, and has 4 GB RAM, and...Windows 8! This was perfect for  media related work- Photoshop, Power Director, projects, etc. I bought this for Rs. 43,000, and sold the previous one for Rs. 6,500. So you can say I got it for Rs. 36,500. Not bad.
My old computer had absolutely no problem at all, but only that I needed a faster processor for the projects.
I had thought of making a special post on the new computer, but then didn't get appropriate time for the same.

Water Bottle (Umm, yeah)
Alright, I know, posting about water bottle is lame, but it is my best friend, at least in summers. I got it for Rs. 25. Can you believe it? And it does fit lot of water inside. It is a PET bottle, which means it is ideal for health. I hope you guys know that drinking from a plastic bottle is harmful? So, these are great alternatives. Plus, there are cute colours available in PET bottles, too. I bought a blue one, because it was the only good colour out of all. I wanted this shape, particularly. 

Flower Bouquet
Remember these flowers I bought for mom this Valentine's? I did not mention the price then, but it costed Rs. 200 only. This was the first time I was buying a bouquet for anyone, so I did not know the price. I thought it would be ranging 400-500. I was surprised when the shopkeeper told me it was for Rs. 250. Yes, 250, my friend bargained the price, and finalized it at 200! 

These were my best buys. Don't forget to comment below mentioning yours! 

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