Short Tip #10 Pen Drive Charms

by - February 21, 2014

Many of you must know this already-

This is a charm or a simple key-chain attached to the pen drive. The pen drives are very small in size. So you know you might just wanna make them fun or simply decorate them using different charms, or so that you don't lose them.

This is my classmate's pen drive along with the key-chain/charm. 

I know that one of the main reasons why people buy pen drives is the little space that it takes. I know that. But if you have a very (mark my words), a very important document or a project in it, then I guess you would really need a help.

So maybe other days you can use your small pen drive, but otherwise, attach the charm, and carry it to the office/college/school.

Plus you can always customize or use a fun charm for your pen drive! How cool is that?


Do you have a little-something attached to your pen drive?

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