Nokia Lumia 720 Back Covers

by - February 16, 2014

I'm not a 'back cover' freak. I mean I'm just okay with a black colored back cover.

After college, I just went to one of the local shops in Mulund along with my friends. Actually, I went with them. They had to buy a cover for themselves. So I just asked the shopkeeper to show me 720 back covers as well (as I own a Lumia 720).

Many times I've asked different shops, but none had good covers. Few of the shops just have a plain silicone one.
I'd given up long back, after purchasing a grayish black silicone cover. It was an emergency, so I had to buy some cover for the phone's protection (as I was about to travel in a crowded local train, and my phone was brand new then!)

Anyway, talking about these covers, I just loved them. Obviously they don't suit my personality, but I guess many of you girls would love such a cover.
This shop is located near Mulund station in the West. If you want the details of the shop, then do ask me in the comments below, or on the Facebook page.
In the shop adjacent to it, there were covers for the guys. I couldn't get an Arsenal one, but there were Barcelona, Real Madrid and also covers having cars and bikes on them.

So if you're one of those 720 users who think they don't get much choice in the back covers, then visit these shops in Mulund.
And if you know any places having such adorable covers, then please don't forget to tell us about them.
(And if there's an Arsenal one, please, please, tell me about it.)

Do you change your phone's back covers too often?

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