Ready-To-Cook Packets

by - February 10, 2014

I don't know how suddenly I felt like writing or mentioning about this. As my father is in Shanghai right now, we gave him few of these packets, so that he could still cook vegetarian food, apart from sandwiches and stuff. My dad is basically a vegetarian, and China has hardly any people who are vegetarians, so it's tough for him. And he is a big time foodie, and loves sweets (the thing I hate about him).

These are some of the packets that we gave to dad to carry there. These ready-to-cook packets definitely aren't 'ready to cook'. But at least they have the masala or the ingredients in them. We still gotta add veggies by ourselves.

All I wanna say is that if you are- travelling anywhere for education or job, then these packets can really be helpful.

I recently had a Malai Kofta packet, and also a Manchurian Balls with Gravy packet. Both of them tasted heaven.

Have you tried any of such packets?

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