Hot Chocolate Milkshake in 3 Easy Steps

by - February 11, 2014

So, I posted a photo of this on Instagram. But that time I made it only for me. When my cousin sister was over my house, I made it for both of us. And that's when I took these pictures.

ONE // Take a glass, and put chocolates inside it. Try dark chocolates instead of milk ones. Dark chocolates will give you a better taste. I've tried both of them, and hence I'm so sure about it.

TWO // Put the glass and the chocolates in the oven, and heat it for say, 40 seconds?

THREE // Pour hot milk in the melted chocolate glass, and stirrrr!

P.S. Since I've used chocolate nougat here, the color looks like this. Please use DARK CHOCOLATES ONLY!

Make it, and let me know how it tasted in the comments below!

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