Ice Cream and Pastry Spoons

by - February 18, 2014

The post's name seems interesting, but hey, I promise the post is as interesting as its name!

I had mentioned about these spoons on my Facebook page. But then I thought why not to write a post about them. 

These spoons come handy when you want to give your guests a small bowl of Gajar Halwa. They look extremely cute. So when you bring yourself a parcel of any of Ice cream cups or Pastries, and get these cute spoons, don't forget to wash them and keep them with you.

(Oh and you might need them to decorate your bowl of boiled corns and put them on Instagram!)

Plus the colors are amazingly cute, too!
You can keep them in a glass or a pencil-stand to add it to the look.

Do you collect such spoons?

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