Goals-To-Achieve List // February

by - February 08, 2014

A GTA List on the 8th day of the month, I know, sad. I've been busy with projects, so I thought posting a Reader's Post would be better then.
But now as I have good amount of time, I can finally write a post on it.

  1. 200 Followers on Instagram // I just achieved this goal two days back. I'm glad that there are 200 people following me. It is like an achievement to me. 
  2. 300 likes on Facebook page // I'm just looking forward to gain 5 more likes for the magical number- 300. 
  3. Maintaining PC // PC maintenance at home should be done on this 29th. Maintenance includes cleaning off the dirt from the keyboard, mouse, desktop, printer, and the wires nearby. Also possibly the table.
  4. Valentine's Day's posts // Special posts on V Day, including the gifts and the cards.
  5. Projects // I'll be having around 4 to 5 big projects at college to submit. I guess I need lot of patience, and creativity. 

So these are my five Goals this February, out of which I've accomplished one. 

What are yours?

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