Kores Dual Highlighters

by - February 24, 2014

My friend, Rutuja Nagwekar, has a similar style of taking stationary to college. Even she carries a pencil case, which is full of college essentials like pens, pencils, highlighters, stapler, etc. And the most fascinating thing that I saw in her pencil case, was her Dual Highlighter!

I hadn't heard about a dual highlighter before, and hadn't even seen one. So I got amused and decided on the spot that "Ek Post Toh Banta Hai Iski Upar".

Whenever I ask Rutuja to send any of her photos, she has to send it perfectly. Unlike me, who is very lazy in all this.

So this is the Dual Highlighter by Kores. It has a Highlighter in one end, and a Sketch-pen on the other. Somehow reminds me of CatDog cartoon! Oh I loved it.

The great thing about the highlighter is that it saves your space.
There are three other colors that are available, apart from this florescent yellow- pink, orange and green, obviously in florescent shades.

Another great thing about it is that if you're a florescent girl, you are just getting florescent sketch-pens here! How cool is that?

The pen costs Rs. 20, I guess.

So go buy it! 

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