DIY Roses // Reader's Post

by - February 05, 2014

My classmate Shrenika Poojary was so eager to show her DIY roses, that she WhatsApped me right away.
So here's a great idea for decorating different things. But for that, you should know how these roses are made.

Things you'll need-

  • Tinted paper
  • Circular/rounder/round stencil
  • Scissors


 You can use different colored papers for different colored roses. I loved this idea!

A post is coming soon on different uses of these DIY roses.

P.S. Sorry for not writing the blog for three days. I was busy with my project work, and it required the computer. As my computer is a bit slow, I had to keep it away from any activity that would further reduce its speed. I'll write a post on it, soon. I used the computer for editing the News Bulletin that we'd shot.

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