Things that I Loved throughout // January

by - February 02, 2014

There are many things to list down, here. I made this list few days ago, so that means I have thought about the points, few days back. There are so many things here!

  1. Agenda // Finally, I've started writing an agenda, and I'm improving every day. I'm being a pro in maintaining it, gradually.
  2. Blog Book // I've written down this list in my blog book itself. So I gotta love it. I like because it is much cleaner than my agenda and expense book.
  3. 40 Pens // I bought a packet of 20 pens from Crawford Market, and my dad got another 20 pens from China. So in all there are 40 pens. I've never seen so many pens in my life (ha ha!). I'm loving how there's a choice everyday. 
  4. Dad's Home // Dad came once in January, and now again in February. Dad's return is always so joyous (with lots of chocolates). 
  5. Pencil Case // I'm loving my pencil case, and all the stuff inside it. I feel so much organized and full of stock, nowadays. 
  6. Industrial Visit // Though I'd projected my IV to be boring and wasn't really interested to go there, I enjoyed thoroughly (especially the-dancing-like-drunkards part). 
  7. 150 + Posts // I guess there are around 160 posts on this blog now. I have written each and every post from the bottom of my heart. Blogging has become my passion. 
  8. New Layout // Oh My God. This should top the list. The blog's layout is something so mature, classy and simple. I'm loving it. I wish I did it before. 
  9. Studies // Studying is not lovable, I know. But I love the way I study, and it automatically makes studying nicer and more awesome. Using different types of stationery is the reason, I guess.

So what are the things you loved in the previous month?

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