DIY Mini Gift Pack

by - February 23, 2014

The gift is not as fancy as you think. I've used all the materials that were available at home, for making it.

I gave it to one of my good friends from college, as a birthday gift.

Things you'll need-

Printing Paper
Hello Kitty Mini Greeting Cards Layout 
Thin Card Paper
White Paper
Glue Stick
Markers/Sketch pens
Washi Tape
Thermocol Balls (optional)
Mini Chocolates
Satin Ribbon
Plastic Bag/Gift Box


1. Take a printing paper (I used Bilt Royal Executive Bond Paper, because it is thicker than the regular one).

2. Print a Hello Kitty Mini Greeting Cards layout. To get the layout, visit
3. Choose which layout you liked the most, and cut on the dotted lines.

4. Take a thin card paper, or the cover of an old book, and stick it to the inside of your greeting card.
5. Take an un-ruled white paper, and stick it to this card paper (in the insides of the greeting card).

6. Cover the sides with a Washi tape. 

7. Write the message.

8. Don't forget to write your name at the back!
9. Take a plastic bag, or a gift box.
10. I put the card in it, few thermocol balls, and the chocolates.
11. Later I tied a ribbon to it, and voila!

So this is how it looks. I know it is not pretty, but I made it for her with all my heart. And I guess that is what counts.

Have you made such small gift packs for your friends or family?

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