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by - February 19, 2014

I wanted to write this post long back, during my internal tests, but then I missed the dates, and so thought I would write it after two months, during the peak final-exams time. This post is not exam related, but a way you would regret not keeping your notes in one place (ha ha!).

I also made a video with all the explanations, but it took me forever to upload it on YouTube, so I dropped the idea.

Never mind, here's this plastic bag, with my college stuff.

This is a plastic bag which I got along with a parcel. You can get such anywhere, else you can just put all these things in a normal folder. But the reason why I'm stressing on the word 'plastic' is because it just makes the whole organization process economical.
Next time you won't say that this blog just has all the expensive things out of which stuffs are made.

Well, jokes apart.

I've stuck an un-ruled index card here, and have written 'Semester IV' on it. So next year in 'Semester V', if I have to refer anything from 'Semester IV', I'll have things ready for a quick reference.

So now finally, what's in there? These are my personal notes, which I also call as 'Self Notes'. I'll write a post on them soon and let you know how you can organize, write and maintain these notes. (So stay tuned for that!)

And then, these are just Advertising subject's notes that sir gave us in a photocopy format.

So basically, you can keep all the papers, documents, exam papers, sheets, notes, self-notes in this bag. You can decorate it, or even use a funky colored bag. But honestly, this clear bag looks so much sophisticated.


Do you really safeguard your notes? Or you throw them away?

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