Stationary Box

by - February 26, 2014

For all the stationary-freaks like me, I have an amazing way to organize stationary. Since I have lots of stationary items with me, I decided to make a box. And I'm so much excited to show it to you guys.

It's a simple cardboard box. As my dad had purchased the product Positrim from Amway, I had this box at home. I thought it is big enough to hold all the items.
You can use a simple box like I have used, or can go with a fancy one. I prefer this one, as it is economical, and we can reuse it.

And you must have known my obsession of writing such names, till now. I've written 'Stationary Box' on top of it, because, you know I love to write on boxes and plastic bags (to make it look more organized).
You can write it nicely, or with a different color, and decorate your box. I made it simple.

This is a top-view, after opening the box.
I shifted the index cards box in this box, because I don't use index cards other times, except for my exams.

Finally these are the items I safeguard in it-

The list might change.

Where do you keep extra stationary stuff? 

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