Ups and Downs of Life

by - February 25, 2014

As I told you, once in a while I become a philosophical saint, and wish to write something sentimental, philosophical, (and inspirational for some of you out there).

After the rejection from AdSense, and having blues for three days continuously, I guess I am happy today.

So last night I was writing a research paper, for Mass Media Research subject, and I realized I am not that bad as I'd thought I was. Bad in the sense, maybe the English that I used was totally different than what I write on this blog.
Of course, TPCG has a light tone, whereas research paper should be formal. But I'd never thought I could bounce back from a light tone, to a serious, and formal one. Since I'm writing TPCG for five months now, I thought maybe my English language and its grammar would remain the same for ever, but no, I guess I was wrong.
I thank God that I wrote the research paper nicely. I felt as if I'm reading a research topic and the conclusion from an EVS text book.

Though I know grammar rules, sometimes I suck at it. Like, for example, yesterday I shared the questionnaire online, and the second respondent corrected my English. Yes, I did go down that time, but then just chucked it away. I somehow gathered my confidence, and edited the questionnaire.

I guess I can be a good proof reader, since I'm always correcting people's grammar! But I myself don't know if I'm good at it.

Anyway, the happiness that I'm talking about doesn't include this research paper, but something else.
I might post a photograph of it on Instagram. So stay tuned, there.

Yes, I like talking a lot. And sorry to diverge the topic (ha ha!).

Lots of Love,

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