Paneer Pasanda

by - February 22, 2014

I saw a photo of a delicious recipe in my BFF's Instagram account, and I got an inspiration to cook.

I had gone for a three hours class for learning Punjabi Bhajis, few years back. I learnt this recipe from that class. It tasted yummy. I'm writing this post, after having two bowls of it (okay, small bowls).

And don't worry, this blog is not turning into a cooking show!

(I don't know if it looks yummy in the picture.)



Things you'll need-

For Gravy-

Chopped Onions 1/4 Cup
Tomato 1
Cashew Nuts 1 Tbsp
Poppy Seeds 1 Tbsp (I didn't use this ingredient)
Cloves 3
Cinnamon 2
Kashmiri Chilli 6
Black Cardamom 2
Ginger-Garlic-Paste 1/2 Teaspoon
Cumin Seeds 1/2 Tbsp

For Bhaji-

Paneer (Cottage Cheese) 200 Grams
Dried Fenugreek Leaves 1 Teaspoon
Tomato Ketchup 1 Tbsp
Fresh Cream 1 Tbsp
Mawa (Optional) 2 Tbsps
Boiled Vegetables 2 Cups (I used Cauliflower, Carrot, Green Peas, Capsicum, and Green Beans)
Oil 3 Tbsp (Use more than this) OR Butter 3 Tbsp
Boiled Water 1 Cup
Red Color (I did not use it)
Bay Leaf 1


1. Chop all the vegetables of your choice.

2. Boil all the vegetables.
3. Keep it for boiling, while you chop onions and tomato. 

4. In a mixer vessel, put all the 'FOR GRAVY' ingredients, and grind till they turn into a thick paste.
5. Take a large bowl (kadhai) and place it over the stove, with a full flame.
6. Put oil and wait till it gets hot.
7. Put a bay leaf, and fry for a minute.
8. Switch the flame to the lowest. 
9. Put the GRAVY, and fry it for two minutes.
10. Put tomato ketchup, dried fenugreek leaves and mawa, and fry for a minute.
11. Put the boiled vegetables and Paneer pieces, and fry again for a minute.
12. Pour boiled water in it.
13. Add salt, fresh cream, and color. 

Tada! This is how it looks like, in the end. 

Best with-

Rotis/Parathas (Indian bread)

P.S. If you want to know the class's name, message me or comment below.

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